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Process of inventing something new for you

FABRICATION HAS BECOME VERY POPULAR BECAUSE IT IS AN EASY WAY TO CONSTRUCT A HOME, AND THE HOUSING INDUSTRY IS BOOMING EVERYWHERE NOW. The pressure to produce quality products at an affordable price is as strong as ever. On top of this, changes in the industry are continuing as it responds to demands such as sustainability and through life cost reduction. Of particular interest is the search for more energy efficient buildings, whether new build or retrofit. There is also a pressing need for life extension of major assets in Europe and around the world. Meanwhile, the trend to off-site manufacture continues. The experience, expertise and impartial advice available from TWI is valued by a range of sector organisations such as civil engineering consultancies, standards-setting bodies, and construction and fabrication companies from SMEs to large global organisations. The construction sector represents typically 8% of the GDP of industrialised nations. All organisations need to be focused on delivering reliable buildings and products which are as sustainable as possible and cost-

effective through life. The drive for energy-efficient buildings and products has never been greater. Indeed, as the extent of in-service carbon reduces, there is a greater attention being given to embodied energy within buildings and products. In addition, even when working to qualified procedures, fabricators can be challenged by unfamiliar materials, unusual procedural requirements or complex drawings from designers. This is often because their customer supply chains are taking note of their through life costs, not just first time purchase costs.


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